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Daysun Civil and Civil Days Music presents the second installment of sample kits for producers who love to make great songs. This sample kit is entitled: The Gorilla Drums Kit. This sample kit is comprised of two folders. One folder has 27 loops while the second folder has 154 samples for producers to craft great hip-hop songs. This Sample kit is now priced at $15.99. To purchase this kit, kick the link below.

DC Gorilla Drum Kit

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THE GORILLA DRUM KIT (Maschine 1.8 Expansion) (15.99)


THE GORILLA DRUM KIT: (Maschine 2.0 Expansion) (15.99)

Boom and Bap Sale: THE GORILLA DRUM KIT (wav files only) (5.99)


Check out this Review http://boomandbap.com/daysun-civil-go… from St. Joe 


Daysun Civil Presents: DRILLS KIT This is a kit comprised of 16 drum sounds and Native Instruments program file for producers. The sounds in this kit is tailored for beginner producers who need sounds and producers who want the lounge, downbeat, chill Hip-Hop vibe. These are sounds out of Daysun’s personal collection. Enjoy!! Price: $9.99

Daysun Civil kit_n

click the link below:
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