Introducing Daysun Civil, a follower of Christ, husband, father and artist sent to revolutionize music as we know it. Daysun is a producer/recording artist/sound designer/mix engineer located in Baltimore Maryland, crafting music in the genres of Hip Hop, Rhythm and Blues, Neo-Soul, Instruments and Gospel Hip-Hop. In addition to creating his own music, Daysun works with a plethora of YouTube artists. Daysun seeks to inspire many while perfecting his craft and change the musical landscape of Hip-Hop and expand the bounds of the art form.

Daysun’s music is deeply rooted in his Christian beliefs and influenced by artist such as Large Professor of Main Source, Eric B and Rakim, A Tribe Called Quest, GangStarr, EPMD, Public Enemy, KRS1, Outkast, Kool G-Rap, Big Daddy Kane, NWA, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Pete Rock, and JDilla, to name a few. Their influences helped him to craft his own style and progress from his early days of pause button looped based beat tapes. Today, Daysun is a rapper/producer who is full of imagery and life. Some consider him a visionary and a true artist. As an artist. Daysun continues to push his musical pallets by creating instrumental mix-tapes released through his company, Civil Ill Entertainment via his Bandcamp page. Daysun is currently working in his studio to create the next big thing. His passion for music pushes him to establish himself as a powerhouse player in the music business.

Daysun Civil has won 2 beat battles for Maschine Masters. com. He is the first 2 time winner of the beat battle series. Currently he is a contributing writer and product tester for Maschine Masters. In 2014, Daysun Civil ventured into sound design and created his first drumkit (The Gorilla Kit) that was voted in the Top Ten drum kits on BoomandBap.com. With the success of The Gorilla Kit he is preparing to make more.

Daysun-Civil is a Music Producer/Songwriter/Poet and Hip-hop artist for Civil ill Entertainment. As the owner and operator, Daysun-Civil has been producing and creating music in the genres of hiphop, gospel, NeoSoul, RnB and experimental music for 10+ years. Daysun has used his talents to craft new levels of musicality while working with numerous artists and concentrate on becoming one of the most diverse and well-rounded producer/songwriters.


Daysun Civil
Beat Mania

All serious beat inquires go to civildaysmusic@gmail.com


Contact and Social Media Information

Email: daysun.civil@gmail.com








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